HOPE Squad

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The Timberline Hope Squad is a peer-to-peer intervention group aimed at reducing youth suicide by increasing knowledge of suicide warning signs, breaking the code of silence, and connecting at-risk students with adults who can help them. Students on our Hope Squad attend monthly training meetings, host Hope Week, and provide help to students in need. If you are feeling hopeless or are in need of a listening ear, reach out to one of our Hope Squad members, come visit any of the counselors in the counseling department, or speak with another trusted adult. If you have any questions about the Timberline Hope Squad, please contact Mrs. Chase in the counseling department or by e-mail at [email protected]

Student Squad Members 2016-17

Alicia Aragon
Lizzie Brailsford
Devin Christensen
Lauren Hedrick
Hailey Johnson
Derek Langford
Kylie Lundquist
Calvin McGrath
Braeton Smith
Bella Boud
Elli Bradshaw
Zara Mina Brunson
Marilla Burke
Rylie Giles
David Peacock
Ryan Porter
Ella Randle
Ethan Smith
Zach Hafen
Trace Odette
Erica Olsen