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Mission of the TMS School Community Council

Act as an advisory council, be a communication vehicle between the school and communities to dialogue issues of concern, be an ambassador/advocate for the school to communities, and focus on increasing student achievement.

Timberline’s School Community Council (SCC) is responsible for developing a yearly school improvement plan that identifies the school’s most critical academic needs. In addition, the council is responsible for the allocation of School Land Trust Funds. The funds are intended to support the implementation of the school improvement plan. Timberline’s SCC  is made up of parent representatives, administration, PTSA, an Alpine School District Board member, faculty and staff. The Timberline SCC meets the third Tuesday of each month at 3:10pm in the Media Center unless otherwise indicated. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Teacher & Student Success Plan (TSSP)

Timberline’s plan aligns with the Alpine TSSA program for student wellness using counselors, psychologists, and behavior specialists.

Timberline Middle School
School Community Council Members

Voting Members

Melissa DeMordaunt     SCC Chair/Parent Rep. 23-25

Diem Lewis                       SCC Vice Chair Parent Rep. 22-24

Julie Price                         Principal

Chloe Ruud                      Faculty Rep.

Tami Grow                       Faculty Rep.

Nicki Brammer                Parent Rep. 22-24

Mitzi McBride                  Parent Rep. 22-24

Kamille Wily                    Parent Rep. 22-24

Melissa McCoy                Parent Rep. 23-25

Kim Topham                   Parent Rep. 23-25

Ann Marie Gordon         Parent Rep. 23-25

Non-Voting Members

Sean Gallacher                     Assistant Principal

Gretchen Buhrley                 Assistant Principal

Jonathan Wrigley                 Assistant Principal

Rachel Hemstreet                Secretary

Sarah Beeson                         ASD Board Member



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SCC Meeting Schedule, Minutes & Agenda