Mission of the TMS School Community Council

Act as an advisory council, be a communication vehicle between the school and communities to dialogue issues of concern, be an ambassador/advocate for the school to communities, and focus on increasing student achievement.

Did you know that Timberline Middle School has a School Community Council (SCC)? Timberline’s SCC is made up of parent representatives, administration, PTSA, Alpine School Board, faculty and staff. We meet monthly and discuss issues concerning the students at Timberline. You have someone in your area to represent you on the Timberline SCC! The school boundaries are divided into six areas. A parent representative in your area comes to these meetings and makes suggestions. We are involved in the following areas:

  • School Improvement Plan: as a team, we help come up with this plan yearly.
  • Professional Development Days: we give suggestions for teacher development days and even attend some of these meetings.
  • Safe Routing: we help negotiate safe walking routes for students and adequate busing. As a team we are concerned for the safety of each student.
  • Trust Land Money: we help plan how Trust Land Money is spent at Timberline each year.
  • Other issues that pertain to Timberline Middle School.

The Timberline SCC meets the first Thursday of each month at 3:10pm in the Media Center unless otherwise indicated. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Timberline Middle School
School Community Council Members

Peter Glahn                      Admin/Principal                        801-610-8765
Jami Dawson                   Admin/Asst. Principal              801-610-8765
Sean Gallacher                Admin/Asst. Principal               801-610-8765

Cecia Croft                       Parent Rep. (2 yr.)                      434-242-0883
Lychelle Day                    Parent Rep. (2 yr.)                      801-380-2408
Carla Merrill                    Chair-Parent Rep. (2 yr.)          801-400-4155
Jennifer Andrist             Parent Rep. (1 yr.)                       860-707-3667
Sheryl Dame                    Parent Rep. (1 yr.)                       801-473-6420

Gay Ashton-Secretary                 Faculty Rep                    801-610-8765
Anthony Rocha                             Faculty Rep                    801-610-8765
Trent Nelson                                 Faculty Rep                    801-610-8765

Tonya McBride                             PTSA President             801-400-8252

Brittney Hills                                District CC                      801-331-5223

Wendy Hart                                  ASD Board Member     801-610-8400

SCC Meeting Schedule, Minutes & Agenda